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Events / 2013

  1. Workshop "Smart and Green Interfaces 2013 (Prague)" (21-22.03.2013, Prague, Czech Republic)

The workshop Smart and Green Interfaces 2013 (Prague) took place on 21-22 March 2013 in the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní třída 3, Prague.

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Filenames of presentations starts with a number, which indicates the page number in the abstract booklet. This page number is indicated also in the schedule. Letters L and P distinguishes among lecture and poster presentation, respectively. Name is that of presenting author

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  2. "A way to Smart Europe" – COST MP1106 "Smart & Green Interfaces" Training School 23 – 25 April 2013 in Twente

The Training School foresees 12 lectures, 2 laboratory visits and 3 interactive Workshops. The aim is to creatively address the challenge of transforming ideas from polymer and bio/nano research into industrial applications.

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  3. Workshop "Fluid/Fluid Interfaces in Science and Technology" (4 – 6 September, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria)

The joint ECIS/MP1106 Workshop "Fluid/Fluid Interfaces in Science and Technology" will be held on 4-6 September 2013 in the ECIS Conference Venue Sofia Princess Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria (

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  4. Workshop "Smart and Green Interfaces: Multiphase flows with/without phase change" (3-4.10.2013, Saragossa, Spain)

The workshop "Multiphase flows with/without phase change" will take place on 3-4 October 2013 in the building of the Faculty of Science, in the University of Zaragoza, Saragossa, Spain.

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  5. "Cultivating Entrepreneurial Ideas ..." Training School (16-18th July, Thessaloniki, Greece).

The aim of the joint MP1106 - MP1004 course is to develop the entrepreneurial culture, Knowledge and skills among students. Relevant lectures on fields of Entrepreneurship, and Management as well as laboratory seminars on business planning will provide the students with the appropriate tools to develop entrepreneurship. Workshops will also be provided to students for the connection of theory with practice.

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  6. Workshop "Wetting of solids: Material and kinetic aspects" (13-14th November, Cargèse, France)

The upcoming workshop "Wetting of solids: Material and kinetic aspects" will take place at Institut d'Études Scientifiques (IESC) in Cargèse from November 13th (early morning) to 14th (late afternoon). IESC is an institute depending on two French universities (Corte and Nice - Sophia Antipolis) and is mainly devoted to the organization of Schools and Workshops. It is located at about 50 km north from Ajaccio. Participants will be lodged on site. IESC proposes indeed accommodation, lunches and breakfasts. Participants should autonomously take care for their dinner in the village of Cargèse at about 20 minutes walk. It is recommended to have adapted footwear and a flashlight. For non walkers, cars will be available.

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