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Events / 2015


  1. Smart and Green Interfaces Conference (March 30 - April 1, Belgrade, Serbia)

The Smart and Green Interfaces conference is an interdisciplinary meeting that will take place on March 30th - April 1st, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia. It is aimed to promote exchanges between chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers on the most recent achievements in interface science. It will focus on both fundamental science and applied research in the fields of dispersed systems, complex fluids, biomedicine, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, engineered interfaces, nanostructured materials, food and petroleum industries.

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  2. COST Training School "From Innovation to Entrepreneurship..." (May 4-7, KEDEA, Thessaloniki, Greece)

The scope of the course is to develop the entrepreneurial culture, Knowledge and skills among students. Relevant lectures on fields of Entrepreneurship, Management, and Technology Transfer, as well as laboratory seminars on business planning will provide the students with the appropriate tools to develop entrepreneurship.Workshops will also be provided to students for the connection of theory with practice.

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  3. Combined WGs Workshop (July 7-8) jointly organized with 6th International Conference on Bubble and Drop Interfaces 2015 (July 5-10, Potsdam/Golm, Germany)

This is a combined Working Groups Workshop running jointly with the 6th B&D International Conference on Bubble and Drop Interfaces 2015. The event is organized by the MPI of Colloids and Interfaces in Potsdam/Golm, Germany. The event provides a platform for fruitful discussions of experts from academia and industry and as such it increases the visibility of MP1106 and advances the dissemination of MP1106 outcomes to the broader scientific community. The participants have the opportunity to present lectures and posters to selected scientific fields, mainly focused on drop and bubble interfaces. The event is co-organized by B&D2015 and two COST actions MP1106 and CM1101. Please visit the link:

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  4. CoWet/COST MP1106 Joint Training School "Flows, Stability and Marangoni Effects" (August 31 - September 4, Instituto Pluridisciplinar, Complutense University - Madrid, Spain)

The lectures will include lectures describing basic aspects of flows, instabilities, Marangoni effects, and contact angle hysteresis. These concepts will be used for describing real systems such as the spreading and wetting on complex substrates, the behavior of drops under high frequency perturbations, the behavior of capillary waves and interfacial rheology. This is a highly interdisciplinary field with a strong interaction between Physics, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering.

The school has no registration fees.

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  5. Symposium "Smart and Green Interfaces: Fundamentals and Diagnostics 2015" (SGI-FunD 2015) (Sofia, Bulgaria, October 29-31, 2015)

SGI-FunD 2015 is organized by the Department of Interfaces and Colloids (IPC-BAS), with the financial support of COST Action MP1106 "Smart and green interfaces – from single bubbles and drops to industrial, environmental and biomedical applications".

The Symposium will target the front-line topics in the fields of foams and emulsions, fluid interfaces, wetting phenomena, surface forces and thin liquid films, engineered interfaces and smart nanostructured materials. This scientific forum will provide a wide opportunity for exchange of new ideas in the areas of biomedicine, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, food and petroleum industries, and innovations in research instrumentation.

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