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Smart and Green Interfaces conference is an interdisciplinary meeting (May 4-6, 2016, Athens, Greece)
Smart and Green Interfaces Conference (March 30 - April 1, Belgrade, Serbia)
COST Training School "From Innovation to Entrepreneurship..." (May 4-7, KEDEA, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Combined WGs Workshop (July 7-8) jointly organized with 6th International Conference on Bubble and Drop Interfaces 2015 (July 5-10, Potsdam/Golm, Germany)
CoWet/COST MP1106 Joint Training School "Flows, Stability and Marangoni Effects" (August 31 - September 4, Instituto Pluridisciplinar, Complutense University - Madrid, Spain)
Symposium "Smart and Green Interfaces: Fundamentals and Diagnostics 2015" (SGI-FunD 2015) (Sofia, Bulgaria, October 29-31, 2015)
International Advanced Course in Liquid Interfaces, Drops and Sprays (LIDESP) (5-10th May, Darmstadt, Germany)
COST Actions MP1106 and CM1101 Joint Training School on Particles at Liquid Interfaces: Fundamentals and Applications (2-5th April, Bonasolla, Italy)
MP1106 Annual Workshop (22-24th April, Marseilles, France)
Joint cluster meeting: "Heat and Mass Transfer on a Solid Substrate" and "Wetting of complex surfaces" at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (22,23rd October, Eindhoven, Netherlands)
Joint Cluster Meeting "Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies" and "Nanostructured Materials for Water Treatment/Purification" (25,26th October, Antalya, Turkey)
Joint meeting of "Biomedical" & "Sustainable Food Science and Technology" Clusters: 6 & 7 (November 2014, Naples, Italy)
Workshop "Smart and Green Interfaces 2013 (Prague)" (21-22.03.2013, Prague, Czech Republic)
"A way to Smart Europe" – COST MP1106 "Smart & Green Interfaces" Training School 23 – 25 April 2013 in Twente
Workshop "Fluid/Fluid Interfaces in Science and Technology" (4 – 6 September, 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria)
Workshop "Smart and Green Interfaces: Multiphase flows with/without phase change" (3-4.10.2013, Saragossa, Spain)
"Cultivating Entrepreneurial Ideas ..." Training School (16-18th July, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Workshop "Wetting of solids: Material and kinetic aspects" (13-14th November, Cargèse, France)
1st Annual Workshop Meeting (13-14.09.2012, Dublin, Ireland)
Kick Off Meeting (11.05.2012, Brussels, Belgium)
Core Group Meeting (10.07.2012, Lisbon, Portugal)

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