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Events / 2012


  1st Annual Workshop Meeting (13-14.09.2012, Dublin, Ireland)

Participants (click to enlarge)

Programme of Annual Workshop

2nd MC Meeting – Agenda (13.09.2012)

MP1106 Action – Objectives and Structure (presentation)

Presentation from Kickoff Meeting

Update from COST Office (presentation)

Early Stage Researchers (presentation)

Grant Holder Instruments (presentation)

Results dissemination (presentation)

 Presentations of scientific groups

Round Table Discussion (presentation)

WG4 Questionnaire (presentation)

Round Table Discussion (presentation)
Round Table Discussion – Energy and Environment

Minutes from MC meeting

Annex A

Annex B

Annex C

Annex D

Annex E

Annex F

Final Report on Annual Workshop by Organizer


  Kick Off Meeting (11.05.2012, Brussels, Belgium)

Minutes - Kick Off Meeting

Budget Plan MP1106

Annex 1 - List of participants

Annex 2 - Agenda

Annex 3 - Action MP1106 Fact Sheet

Annex 4 - SO presentation

Annex 5 - AO presentation

Annex 6 - MP1106 Presentation

Annex 7 - WG Participation


  Core Group Meeting (10.07.2012, Lisbon, Portugal)

Agenda - Core Group Meeting

Minutes - Core Group Meeting

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